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Please use this polling facility to feedback your views on selected local Saxmundham and district issues, and please use the Contact page to let us have your suggestions for future possible polls.

The first poll sought your views on this new website for the Saxmundham IP17 Community. The results can be viewed by clicking on "Previous Polls" at the bottom of the new poll - Saxmundham IP17 Community Well-Being

The new poll was inspired by some of the negative press in the East Anglian Daily Times recently (19/10/07)

<< Donna Simmons said “Saxmundham always seems to be following along behind other towns in the area - people from Saxmundham have to travel to Leiston or further for most leisure, sport and entertainment events... we are struggling to compete with neighbours ...

“We need to do more to ensure that our vibrant and lively town gets the recognition it deserves,” said resident David Harding.

I used to live there, and there's nothing 'lively and vibrant' about it at all.

Hawk Honey, Ipswich >>

For the full context of these particular comments, please click here.

Well now here's your chance to air your views and suggestions. Do you think that Saxmundham town and around is "vibrant and lively". There are a number of factors that affect our community well-being and these have been included in the new survey below.

To answer the odd-number questions, just place the point of cursor arrow in the box that corresponds to your desired response. This will highlght the box. Then left click on your mouse or hit the return key on your keyboard and a tick will appear in the box. If you make a mistake, click in the box again to remove the tick and start again.

To answer the even-number questions, just free type your concise answer in the box provided.

The final results will be passed to the relevant local bodies and organisations...

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